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Welcome to Chi Extraordinary Kitchen, San Diego’s only pescatarian Thai restaurant. We believe pairing healthy and delicious cuisine with environmentally sustainable practices is in the best interest of all. That of our generation, and future ones. We aim to do our part by providing a conscientious menu. We stand for high quality, and integrity in all measures.

My name is Patty, and I am the visionary behind the concept and creation of Chi Extraordinary Kitchen. I grew up in Thailand where I followed my father and learned from his practices as a restaurant owner. I love blending old fashioned Thai cooking traditions with personal creativity. It is an art to offer food that is pleasing to the pallet, healthful, and still honors tradition.

Pescatarian food is an exquisite choice for today’s health aware society. Fish, legumes and vegetables make for a diet rich in protein, yet low in unhealthy fats. We choose to use fresh seasonal ingredients, farm fresh eggs, and tons of pure good Chi.

Chi stands for health, balance, blessings, abundance, and gratitude for all. We feel life is a celebration, and as long as we’re here we must create our heaven on earth. Food is a powerful way to start.

May you taste and feel the Chi difference.


Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine
Our purpose is to offer fine and unique, unforgettable Thai cuisine within an intimate and chic setting. In fact, the smaller size of our restaurant is built to ensure our quality control. On behalf of our entire team, I welcome you to Chi, my proud creation of a new eatery with traditional practices, values, and intention. We are thrilled to be back on Adams Avenue and to once more be part of this great community. We look forward to seeing old friends, and making new ones.

Thank you for supporting the Chi Extraordinary vision.



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Located in the heart of Normal Heights
2789 Adams Avenue
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